Critical Thinking experiment

Pilar over at Montessori Matters has posed an excellent argument for the under used practice of the “What am I” bag in the Casa (3 to 6 year-old) environment.  I’ve been musing on it a bit and have my questions about the process with the Elementary child.  RL is finding critical thinking skills difficult.  I’ve been musing ways to incorporate stereognostic skills which lead to higher order critical thinking.

So why not just go for it.  After a bit of thought about their interests this year -presidents, states, sea creatures (but not shells so much), and square and cube rooting.  I’ve pulled out old state puzzle pieces and pulled down the binomial square.

Here is what ensued.

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I have my questions as to how long this fascination will last and to its ability to be deeply effective with this age, but I’m willing to give it a shot.


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