Music we have been enjoying.

I’ve been asked to post a list of music we’ve been listening to this year:

1.  PDQ Bach (not all of his music is child appropriate) We especially enjoy “Oedipus Tex”

2. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew  (much of their music really not appropriate for all audiences) but we really like the Rhyme of the Hip Hop Mariner.

Rhyme of the Hip Hop Mariner

3. Jonathan Coulton – I enjoy him quite a bit (Tom Cruise Crazy)- but the kids enjoy  him with these two songs

The songs we love are : Chiron Beta Prime, I’m Your Moon, It’s going to be the the Future Soon, and this one



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2 responses to “Music we have been enjoying.

  1. So cool!! Are you familiar with Beethoven’s Wig? Perhaps it’s for audiences younger than your boys, but we (adults) really love it in our household (and mastering some of the faster songs is tricky!).

  2. EV

    The boys thought the lyrics were too simplistic for their “sophisticated” pallet. But the 7 year-old I’m tutoring will love these. Perfect for lower el (and probably college) – you have to hit a new developmental plane I would think. Thanks I’ll pass it along to that family.

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