The outdoor environment

Dr. Montessori put a great emphasis on what was to be learned by the outdoor environment – the part of the classroom that is outside.  Many 3 to 6 programs have the space provided for the young to garden and explore.  Dr. Montessori’s son, Mario, who provided much of the practical thoughts on the Elementary program went outside much of the time with his students.  The outdoor environment for the elementary child becomes his local community.

Here is our close-to-home outdoor world experiences during recess.  Photos by JV or myself.

The scene is one where I had heard no noise for long enough to notice and begin to have that nagging tug in my brain.  RL comes in and finds me and tells me that they might need a little help.  OH.   This is what I walk out to:

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One response to “The outdoor environment

  1. Evelyn Vice

    Swing and climbing in trees is always fun!

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