Our Lives in the Classroom

With the addition of RL, we are re-acquiring our sea legs.  His infectious laughter and boundless energy are an asset to our class.  He is adapting to our quarks and expectations.  We are learning to be gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.  His work ethic and self-expectations are returning to the level of the little boy I taught last year.

The boys are bouncing through another round of fractions – solidifying foundations and wondering about square and cube roots as fractions.  They are finding the reasons why more difficult to understand even as they are able to perform the tasks.  Fractions are such a topsy, turvy, Mad Hatter world.

BR is working on cross multiplying.  This is a form of multiplication that does not rely on the sub-answers being added together.  You come up with 24563 x 245 all in one fell swoop. He is latching onto the challenge.

RL is understanding equivalencies in relation to dividing up numbers into pieces 1/2 is equivalent to x/4 – what is x.  We are also doing multiplication works right now and they go so well together.  2 times x is 4.   Ahhhhhhh.

RL has inspired the guys to turn back to animals for paragraph/project inspiration.  He is working on a more guided  series of paragraphs. We wrote out a series of questions for him to answer every day.  All of them involve illustrating.

BR has made quite a leap in illustrating an imaginary island’s reflective creatures. He is visualizing what he wants to draw and finding how to sketch lines rather than just DRAW lines. He won’t let me photograph them until he finishes his project.

AV has taken up penguins as a paragraph and is trying some more experimental watercolor techniques for his illustration.

JV as always is secretive.  I heard him discussing eels with BR.  You never know.


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