Smok’n’ Hair

Need a bit of help from everyone.  It has been a week and my hair no longer smells like a raging forest fire.  It has moved to the dull smell of a leaf fire.  Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of the smell?



Filed under Montessori, Practical Life - Elementary

4 responses to “Smok’n’ Hair

  1. Really? Have you tried a vinegar rinse?

  2. Evelyn Vice

    They say tomato juice takes away skunk smell why wouldn’t it work with smoke!

  3. EV

    Vinegar??? – really. White or Cider?

    The tomato juice – I am not dignifying that with a further pithy response.

  4. Lemon juice, or so I hear… And most definitely unfiltered apple cider vinegar!

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