So, it is Friday – Glass Day

Today we visited Blue Heron Glass.  It was a full house – BR, RL, JV and AV.  It was RL’s first day visiting the Glass Guy, Mike.  RL thinks very graphically and after understanding the limitations of the glass settled in to create an alligator.  He learned nipping skills, glass choosing skills, and safety.

We learned a valuable lesson today.  Hot glass looks like cold glass.  BR had a spontaneous moment which resulted in a thin 2nd degree burn.  But every lesson is a valuable lesson.

JV is still trudging through the tedium of the work.  His project is again looking like a hill that rises straight to the sky.  He will be hitting a downward slope again next week but right now he is wanting this to stop.

Here are a few photos of our work today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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2 responses to “So, it is Friday – Glass Day

  1. I love the new slide show format! 🙂 Nothing like a second-degree burn to teach a good (and unforgettable) lesson. I bet that piece of glass will be even more meaningful because of it!

  2. I agree. Love the slides with bigger pictures!

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