Chipmunks and Alligators – RL

RL is working on a project about five zoo creatures.  Here are his first two paragraphs.

Chipmunks live underground. They are from the family Rodentia.  They store food in their burrows in the fall to last them through the winter. They are diurnal – they are active during the day. Chipmunks don’t often go into trees.

Alligators are from the reptile family and from the genus Crocodilia. You can quite tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles.  Alligators have short snouts.  A crocodile has has a long snout. Warning gross:  mother alligators carry their babies in their mouths. Alligators have eyelids that act like goggles. They go very fast while threatening or chasing predators or prey as a warning. They also use their tail as a propeller.


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