Photos of our work for last week

I’ve took some photos of the skills we worked on last week – at least the ones which provided a transportable, tangible results.  The classes and lectures were available each day twice a day.  There were over 50 instructors, so you can imagine the number of classes was overwhelming.  Some classes like bow making and brain tanning deer hides took the entire week.  Other classes lasted one day; while others only a half.

My largest project was creating an 8 x 8 timber frame structure – beginning with harvesting logs. It took the afternoons of each day, and we still did not complete it. Obviously, I couldn’t bring it here. So what is here is in our home now.

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2 responses to “Photos of our work for last week

  1. Evelyn Vice

    Wow! You all have a nice collection from your camping experience!

  2. Evelyn Vice

    Just looked at all the pictures again! Make sure you show me everything when I finally get down there!

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