Over and Out

The boys and I are gone until next Sunday.  What you say?  How can this be?

We are camping.  You must understand.  I don’t camp.  I’ve never camped.  It is something I don’t do.  I spend sun-up to sun-down out in the wilderness, but I like to come into a prebuilt structure of some sort to sleep.

Thank you to all our friends who have let us camping stuff.

I know your next question.  What would entice me to camp – and for a week at that?

Ahh.  In the fall we are going to look at civilizations and anthropology, and we are going to a camp full of folks who like primitive skills.  We are going to learn primitive skills. Making fire from nearly nothing, making cording, tanning hide (an older fashioned way), flint knapping, weaving, shoe and clothing making, shelter making, etc.

Think of me when you are climbing into bed.



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2 responses to “Over and Out

  1. Oh, I’m so envious! What a cool trip! Have lots of fun out in the wilderness. I hope you at least get to have an air mattress.

  2. Thinking of you when I’m in my comfy bed, with screens on the windows to keep out the bugs, and the hum of air conditioning….. ALSO when I hear the sound of a toilet flush….

    I hope you have an absolute BALL! I love camping with my kids, but I’ve haven’t done it for more than a couple nights.

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