Just because I’m proud.

AV inherited all the self-effacing jeans in the family.  He can sit quietly and make you feel like you know so much even if he already knows what you are talking about.  This is great when he is in his absorbing information role.  It is not so great when he needs to step-up and be heard.  It takes him a while to feel comfortable enough to show you what is in his head.

AV is interested in becoming a volunteer with the  aquarium.  He wrote “AV’s Resume” last November, but couldn’t send it in until April. (After much coaxing, he was able to write what he thought he would add to the aquarium’s programs.) We waited.  Today AV and I had an interview at the aquarium.

He did great!  Eye contact (check).  Body language – even on a very squishy and deep couch (check). Shaking hands (check).  Answering question in complete sentences (check).  Cracking a smile or two (priceless).

He of course came up with better sentences all the way home. “I should have said . . . .”  He was so exhausted from being excited and nervous.

It’s over and now we wait again.  But no matter what, I am so proud of him.



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3 responses to “Just because I’m proud.

  1. AV, even confident adults who work for years second guess their shot at a job they really want. I’m sure with all your marine science knowledge you would be an extreme asset to the aquarium. Best of Luck!

  2. That’s such a big accomplishment! I’m sure they would love to have him there.

  3. Grandma Vice

    Tell him I am so proud of him. He has so much to offer. Praying all works out!

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