When I get a car . . .

So AV wanders in the room today and says, “Mom, when I get a car.”  Then he stops because he wanted to make sure he had my attention.  Let me assure you he did.  At 13 now, you have to wonder when the teen-age mind will kick in.  I’m already filling in the blank.  “I want it to be a Smart car” . . . .  “I want it to be able to haul another car”. . . . “I want it to have 40 cup holders….”

He earnestly gazes into my eyes.  “I want a yellow car.”

One of my eyebrows goes up.  Then my mouth twitches. “Why?”

“Because when all the pollen comes, I don’t want my car to look really bad.”

Yeah.  The pollen is really bad and my son is nothing but practical.


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  1. Grandma Vice

    Smart boy that Andrew is! Yellow car and all! lol

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