Glass Project Updates

JV and AV stopped by Blue Heron Glass on Thursday (which was supposed to be Tuesday – I don’t do holidays well, sorry Mike) and got back to work.

JV working on a kelp leaf. Really, he is making quite a bit of progress.

AV is working on a new piece with his pattern bars.  He decided on a rectangular piece.  Mike expected AV to build the dam and cut the fiber paper (nasty stuff) all by himself. Because the pattern bars were more chaotic this time, he decided to anchor the piece with a solid sheet of glass and frame it with his bars.  Here is the process.

Clear underlay of glass with ceramic dams up, fiber paper around the inside edges and the first course of pattern bars laid.

More courses of pattern bars framing the center.

The - pea pod green middle in place. All ready to fire.


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One response to “Glass Project Updates

  1. So beautiful! They are becoming such skilled artists.

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