Excursion to the Alps – Vice Camp

From Wikimedia

Vice Camp is gearing up for next Friday’s (the 16th) FREE lecture at the College of Charleston.  Dr. Patrick Hunt is discussing the route Hannibal took to cross the Alps and his hunt for the historically accurate path. This event is sponsored by the American Institute of  Archeology and the Department of Art History at the College of Charleston and is entitled: “Tracking Hannibal in the Alps: National Geographic Hannibal Expedition 2007-2008.”

From Wikimedia

This is a great introduction to warfare in the Roman world as well as how archeology works in the real world.

The lecture is located in the Simons Center room 309.  It begins at 5 pm. I’ll arrive about 4:30 and be available to discuss the Carthage v. Rome Wars and the result of the failure of Hannibal.

Contact me if you need directions, logistical help, or have more questions.


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