I love trains.

One of the reasons I love living in Park Circle is that you must cross railroad tracks.  These tracks are regularly used.  I know it is 7ish in the morning when I hear the train coming.  Sometimes I know the trains have changed drivers because the conductor’s pull on the whistle is different – longer and louder. Sometimes the trains force me to wait as they go by.  They are part of the rhythm of our lives here. They force us to stop when we want to go, listen when we would rather not, and observe where we are at a given time.  I love them.  They remind me that I am not the center of the universe.

The seasons of the church year are spiritually like this.  They force me out of my pace and my time and into an extended look at our Savior.  Easter is a season not a day.  The conductor of the train has changed and the whistle is insistent.  Loud and long it calls “He is Risen!  Alleluia!”  Stop and watch the world around it has changed.  Observe! Life is coming to the physical world.  It has come to the spiritual world.  Death has lost its power.  Look at the time.  See where you are; what you are doing. Think about God’s desires not your desires. Thanks be to God.

Rejoice. Loudly. Joyfully.


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