Experience with Animals – by AV

AV has applied to be chosen to be an intern at the SC Aquarium.  AV knows so much, but he doesn’t often see his knowledge and experience for what it is and doesn’t present in an interview process confidently.  His favorite teacher from last year visited us on Sunday and spoke with him about her experiences interviewing volunteer candidates at the Bronx Zoo.  He is choosing to pre-think several possible questions.  Here are his thoughts on his experience with animals.

We have a 14 gallon salt water aquarium that is primarily invertebrates. We bought an example of each phylum we studied. We have one true vertebrate, a scooter bleny.  I feed him brine shrimp every Wednesday.  I feed on Wednesday not only because I do not want to over feed the fish, but if I put too much rotting material in the water, it will raise the nitrate levels in the water and throw off the tank’s balance. I feed the corals a solution of carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids – like rubidum, tin, zinc, vitamin B and C on Mondays. Every two weeks, a major water change is done to keep down the calcium and water hardness levels. The maintenance of the tank includes cleaning the glass inside and out and changing the filter.  If a coral is knocked over, I reposition it in the proper light and water flow area. When we purchase our invertebrates and fish, we buy them at a store which has a knowledgeable staff. In addition we use our knowledge of the food web, so we make sure that our animals will not eat each other and are reef compatible.


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