Dirt in my toes and under my nails – ahhhhh

One of my deepest pleasures is to be shoeless.  No really.  Bare feet.  I live for the times I can walk out the door and feel the ground under my feet.  To feel whether the ground is dry or damp,  warm or chilly, soft or packed – I revel in those moments.

Over the past few days we have been working on the garden, and I have felt exuberant.

It all started with All Seasons Mulch delivering (and being sooo kind as to pull through our soggy lawn to the back) and dumping it in a 5 cubic yard pile two feet from our boxes.

Low Country Dirt is gorgeous! We couldn't till our ground due to the enormous number of roots in our yard.

AV went out to shovel a bit and didn’t come back for an hour.  He filled one of our boxes – 1.5 cubic yards.  Ahh yes! meaningful work.  When he did come back, he brought this photo of JV’s green briar attack.  These are the starch-storing “roots” of the greenbriar.  It looks like we have an exuberant dog who knows where the bone is buried  in the back corner by our fence. JV worked on this for more than an hour. On the plus side, the pesky green briar is no more.

This photo lacks a sense of scale. All together it is the size of a 5 year-old's torso. Big!

Meanwhile JV is working on making his own perfect bound book. Here is the work in progress. It is finished and being used to record information about various sea creatures.

JV's work set aside for lunch. The book is the purple and green rectangle on the right.

JV very proud of his book. "But what ever will I do with it."

Yesterday afternoon and this afternoon have been spent making a walk-way in between the planters.  We remembered all we saw on “This Old House” about putting in pavers and tamped down dirt (jumping and stomping) and then laid a sheet of weed blocking mesh and then 5 inches of  dirt.  Insert pavers, plant running thyme and Irish moss, and place metal edging to contain the project.  Wheeew. All done.

JV takes the watering of his plants very seriously.

Yesterday afternoon we planted tons of veggis.  I am having serious difficulty with not planting zucchinis and eggplants since finding out that I am sensitive to them  uggg.  The only veggis I set out were three types of heirloom tomatoes, some hybrid tomatoes and peppers, and chives.  Everybody else is buried under a warm blanket of loam.

AV stayed out today to work on his photography skills.

Pimento Pepper plant.

Ohh my toes are so happy and my body is so sore.


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One response to “Dirt in my toes and under my nails – ahhhhh

  1. Grandma Vice

    Really enjoyed seeing the progress on the garden. The garden and the rock path looks great!

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