Spring Equinox has come

How did we celebrate the return of the sun?

AV and JV attacked to green briar that has become an annual marking of the day.

JV opened the giant's lunch bags - to rake our live oak leaves. Live oaks retain their leaves all winter (staying live) and drop the tiny little buggers in the spring.

AV hauled the full bags to the front yard.

DV attacked a rotting piece of sweet gum tree (among other things). We had a 30 foot tall tree touchable from the kitchen window. This was removed but we couldn't afford to have the remains hauled away. A cabinet maker took much of it, but 6 large pieces remain. Nature and DV are taking it back to the ground.

Lots of great larvae found. This one, however, will be inserted between block one and block two. Its kind kills live oaks by eating their roots. It grows into a type of long horned beetle. That is JV's hand for size comparison..

This is what else DV spent time doing. We've come to an agreement that the garden will be in raised beds (dirt arriving Monday) in the semi-shady back yard. The tree guys came Wednesday, climbed the tree thinning it and removing debris. More light.


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