The fish scales are complete

AV’s large glass project is complete.


1. Stick sheets of glass together in a dam.

2. Put in kiln and fuse them together.

3. Cut sheets of glass into long ribbons like your grandmas hard candy on a band saw.  (Boy, I just realized that that is really bad placement of the final prepositional phrase!)

4. Place the ribbons of glass onto small risers of kiln ceramic to create a wave pattern in the ribbons.

5.  Fire again.

6. Cut the ribbons into small arches on the band saw to make “scales”

7. Cut an underlay piece of glass to size and arrange the “scales” in a pleasing pattern on the underlay.

8. Build another dam to fire the piece.  Pour clear frit over the scales to encase them.  But don’t let the frit touch the sides of the dam.

9. Fire again.

10.  Cold work the piece – sand down the rough edges.

11.  Sand blast the piece to give it a mat finish.

12.  Fire it again in the mold to slump it into a elongated platter.

13.  Smile and pose for pictures.  Like a mug shot.


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