My Arm Hurts

Huhh - flash?

So, BR who, just last week, I predicted would never LOVE to read, has proven me wrong.  He was a late reader at 7 and taught himself to read to do a project on Drayton Hall because my assistant in the lower el classroom and I were too busy to help him and all we had was an adult (no pictures) book that none of the other children wanted to read.  He did it.  But BR has never fallen in love with books.  Information yes.  Enjoyment no.

He found the BONE books – really great graphic novels – and has read through three of them this week.  In fact today no recess – reading.    He just rolled over and informed me, “my arm hurts from turning so many pages!”


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  1. My brother was the same way… In a family of voracious readers, he would rarely make it through the first chapter of anything. Then sometime towards the end of Elementary school, he discovered Roald Dahl. Now he’s a Stanford MBA and can’t devour books quickly enough. You never know when or how the fire will be lit… How amazing that you let him figure things out for himself when he was ready! 🙂

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