AV’s new glass project

Quilt of scrap glass - creating the pattern block.

AV is beginning another of these pattern bar bowls.  He is doing a more abstract pattern using scrap glass.  He built a dam, lined it with special kiln paper, and stacked interesting patterns of glass in the dam until he reached a pre-agreed to height. Mike then fused it. This is the first fusing’s result.

He then cold worked (sanded on a masonry sander) the edges to get all the jaggies off.  Really sharp little buggers.

Mike then asked him to take out the band saw and cut one slice length ways and one slice width ways to see which way he wanted to cut the pieces. for his pattern blocks.

Band saw work.



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2 responses to “AV’s new glass project

  1. So happy to see the glasswork again! I love how your whole marine biology course is expressed in this amazing artwork!

  2. Grandma Vice

    I can’t wait to see these new piece! They are doing a great job! I’m sure Josiah’s will be well worth the tedious work! : )

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