Ok. The brain is recovering.

Warning.  I can’t find the camera charger so no pictures.  You have to imagine.

We’ve been doing some amazing work.  I reminds me so of Mario Montessori’s observation that the “going out” of the elementary aged child leads to the “going in” of the child.  I’m sure it is more beautiful in Italian.

JV is abstracting square rooting of three and four digit numbers.  He is shocked (I tell you shocked!) at his ability to complete his morning work when the pegs are not involved.  He has completed some lovely three part cards dealing with fish.  (Our largest unanswered question is whether or not the rays can see in color. Anybody?) He is now working on a perfect bound book of fish factoids. Being JV, we are perfect binding before we really have any content.  We are learning measurements and paper cutting skills.

BR is completely absorbed in his new creation “Fishology”.  He is creating a book (within his Oceanology book). It contains his “External Parts Of A Stingray” three part cards (illustration, definition, nomenclature); his pull-out skeletal structure of fish; his internal parts of the fish and the systems paragraphs.  He plans on adding “Who Am I?” cards for six or seven diverse fish.

AV is deeply excited and stressed to be beginning cube rooting.  It is hard.  Really hard.  Math is one of AV’s more difficult tasks.  His eyes don’t track at the same speed, and he has always had to really concentrate to make sure he is seeing what he thinks he is seeing. Is it a plus sign or a multiplication sign? Graph paper is a wonderful. Any way.  To make it into cube rooting was his largest goal this year. He has arrived.

RABBIT TRAIL ALLERT: To my friends who speak “math”, what is a surd?  Just because your calculator can’t represent a fractional number in a decimal form does not mean that the number is “unrepresentable”.


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