Vidimus (part a)

We spent the day in the world of fine art and good food.

Bob Jones has two art galleries.  One on their main campus and one on the “Village Green” downtown where it resides with 4 other museums, the little theater, and the main library.

We ate lunch at one of our favorite Indian restaurants. BR has a new love – Mango Lassi!  AV had crab masala – it was like eating candy.

Our fist stop was the Gallery on the Green.  The theme is portraits and they had paintings from tiny mini-portraits to the 11 inch Rembrandt – the Head of Christ to a large family portrait of an acting family as the characters in Henry VI.  Upstairs was dedicated to exploring the themes of portraiture through interactive means.  JV created a modern magnetic monster. We also made our own portraits.

Since we couldn’t take photos in the gallery, here is my word picture about AV’s intent drawing of a spoon:  Pencil poised in his thoughtful thin line of a mouth making quadrant of his face look like a young FDR’s all poised with his cigeratte holder clenched in his mouth.  His arm holding his clipboard like an artist intent on mixing his pallet.

The afternoon was then spent in the University Gallery.  Actually there are 26 galleries.  Yes, it is very overwhelming. VERY.  The DelaRobas, the Peter Paul Rubins, Van Dyck, and tons of other amazing art were all out there.  A number of the works had been cleaned and they were stunning in their brilliance.

JV - on a roller coaster

AV - on the space shuttle

BR – under the sea


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