Back to the mine there will be no strike today.

Project week is shuttering itself.  JV still is looking for a couple of names for his aquarium creatures.  BR met with the maruading stomach virus and is recovering so his interview with the staff of Drayton Hall will be rescheduled.  AV has moved on to Moby Dick (the abridged version).

AV raising cubes

Math is really heating up AV is moving on to binomial cubes while JV has finally gotten the process of square rooting.

JV trying to do "a big one"

He has struggled with this.  Painful to watch him struggle.  Now this is where he is.  BR is puttering along with square roots.  He is finding that chaos is not helpful when working out giant problems.

In the rest of our world, we have begun Phylum Chordata with some fish.  JV is working out external parts of the fish, AV is studying coloration in fish, and JV is working on internal, external, and an overview of fish classes.

AV is visiting a jeweler this afternoon to discuss the “lost wax” technique of casting.  He is interested in taking his drawings into 3d. (JV is going to photo document.) We will be finding out a not nearly as expensive way of doing the process.


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