Project Work – Project Week

The winter break ended on Wednesday and project week began.

JV drawing all the creatures in the tank.

This project week has encompassed less “project” work and more research work. We have worked and worked at the library.  BR discovered the SC History Reading Room.  Of course we can’t check out any of these books.  BR is been hand copying information for his Drayton Hall project.  His goal is to become a tour guide.  He has made 3 x 5 cards of each spot in the tour with the topics he is planning on covering at each spot.  As the temperature has dropped again, we are putting off a “shadow” visit.

AV is doing – pause – wait for it – Nudibranches again!  We’ve visited the College of Charleston’s library and learned how to do the Library of Congress’ system.  We didn’t find much that he says he doesn’t know.

JV has undertaken a research book encompassing all the creatures in the tank. He has been forced to limit his research/rabbit trail time.  He spent the first day making his book – blank.  The second was spent sketching each creature from the tank. Then the book research began in earnest.


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