Tunicates and Amphioxus

We’ve been plugging away at systematics and have begun looking at non-vertibral chordates including Amphioxus.

There is a song!




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One response to “Tunicates and Amphioxus

  1. Hi!

    I just found your blog. I’m looking forward to reading from the beginning.

    I keep a list over at my blog called the “ultimate Montessori blog list.” I want to add you to the list, but don’t know which category to put you in. Obviously, upper elementary. But the list is categorized many ways and I need to know if the kids are at home or at school, if you are Montessori trained, etc.,

    I would try to find this by reading through myself, but you don’t have your archives activated nor do you have a link to your “first post” on the front page. I just het the “older posts” button about 75 times, but have no idea how many years I’ll be paging through that way.

    Look over my list and let me know which categories you think I should add you to. And activate your archives so I can find the beginning and start reading!


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