If I had been privileged to be AMI certified (ahhh! some of you just flinched and the others said, “What? You’re not then you should ride in the back of the bus.” – I am only what I am.) I would have been required to do independent research on Dr. Montessori’s ideas.  This would be the beginning of my thesis.

More thoughts after the video.  It is about 7 minutes long and the last have has a cool factoid that any Lower or Upper teacher would be proud to know.

The “me first then you” rule in Casa (3-6) and even extending back into toddler is often presented solely as a means to teach the child self control and to show him how to do it.

This video argues in the first two minutes that the purpose of showing the child is even more fundamental.  It is to “virtually” do it.  The brain is created to learn by observation – to create neural pathways by actually observing someone else.  WOW!  this is huge.  The majority of neural pathways are formed in the brain in the first six years of life and then the brain begins to refine the ones it finds most useful. This piece of the puzzle has been used in the past to argue for the learning through observed doing before, but when you add the component of the mute teacher in the demonstration, how much more Montessori can you get.


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