All in a Day’s Work – Arggg.

AV and JV need money.  They have their tank and their tank is naked (pronounced “neked”) and needs stuff.

They have debated and wanted to have hard corals.  These are the kind that grow very slowly and are, ready for it, very expensive.  A silver dollar sized war coral is priced at $150.  Sooooooooooo. The boys need jobs.

Their godmother stepped into their prayers and hired them to be pirates for 3 hours today.  The church where she serves as the Director of Christian Formation was having an adult meeting and needed child care.  She decided to go with the Veggi Tales movie: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.  Lunch would be fish and chips (fish sticks and tater tots), oranges (to combat scurvy), and grog (ice cream and coke that would fizzz).  She needed waiters and movie monitors.  Tada insta pirates AV and JV.

The boys got fully into character and became pirates and combated spills, thrills, and chair switchers.  ARGGGGG.

AV don't make me smile. Pirates don't smile.

JV - just don't mess with his hair and your life will be spared

We ran to the fish store after getting home and finding clothes “to be caught dead in”.  I’ll post photos of what the tank looks like soon.


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