The Kids are playing with glass again (and power tools, too)

Today is Glass day.  There is much rejoicing!

BR sprinkling frit into the underside of his sea urchin relief

BR arrived this morning ready to work out his color scheme for the blue reliefs he was planning on filling today.

He worked out the frit (crushed glass) colors through the blue of the glass and the visible light spectrum. Retrying his pattern until it looked like a sand dollar and a sea urchin.

See I wasn't kidding when I said it was like really thin spaghetti

JV’s project is overwhelming in its scope.  His concentration to putting tiny pieces carefully up against other tiny pieces is purely JV.

He has built a wall with some metal bars and is working from the left side to the right side water and kelp right now. Tweezers are the only way to go with work this tedious.

AV slicing glass for his fish scales.

AV’s work involved a band saw. We made it through without squirting blood. Yey!

His fusion plan worked well.  Mike the Glass Guy did his us usual amazing job helping us to figure out how to get the desired result in the kiln. He prepped AV for using the band saw and followed his progress from an unobtrusive distance.  He trusted a 12 year-old with a band saw.  Give this man a free box of doughnuts!  – Oops Lady Liberty brought some by today.

AV's rough fish scale pattern.

The glass cut into ribbons.

Scraps from the cross cuts.

AV telling JV not to mess with his stuff. JV enjoying this way too much



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2 responses to “The Kids are playing with glass again (and power tools, too)

  1. I can’t wait to see the finished projects! It’s nice that they are trusted to handle the tools. Sounds like a great teacher. I’m so glad you brought your camera!

  2. Grandma Vice

    Andrew fish scales are beautiful and I can’t wait to see Josiah’s finished project!!

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