Glass for this Semester

The boys decided that they wanted to pursue glass for another semester, but they didn’t want to do sushi plates.

They wanted to do multi-week projects.

AV has chosen to follow one of his favorite glass artists, Greg Rawles,  and make his own mark in the thought. Since we are deeply into Oceanography, he wants to make a sliced glass brick, fused bowl in a pattern of the scales of a fish. He spent the entire two hours today working out how to do it using play dough.

JV is doing a stringer (think 20 inch long vermicelli strands) piece.  He has a 17 by 12 drawing which he is ever so carefully breaking various colors of stringers to build undulating ocean and kelp and a fish.  Each piece has to be placed using tweezers and glued down individually.  He loves the tedious. He has it.  I can’t find anything remotely like what he is doing.

Maybe I won’t forget the camera next Friday so words may become pictures.



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One response to “Glass for this Semester

  1. lapazfarm

    Oooooh! Those sound fabulous! I can’t wait to see them!

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