Other News from Today

We did more geometry.  We worked on proofs.  Monday we are going to look at the Pythagorean geometric representation with hexagons.  (Yey!)

BR worked on his Betrix Potter styled kiddy book about Billy the Blue Crab.

JV worked with his taxonomy, too.

We spent the afternoon watching Gandhi with Ben Kingsley. The boys have been interested in the history of India over break and saw a good PBS show on partition.  They have heard me discuss the problems in Pakistan regarding the influx of millions of people during partition.  Now they were able to see it in historical story form.

And the tank has inhabitants (beyond the microbes, zooplankton, amphopods).  JV acquired two salt water hermit crabs. AV purchased some live rock to add to our live sand.  We are working our way through the regular cycle of the tank. Still normalizing the PH a bit, too.  The dark bump at the bottom of the photo is one of the hermit crab’s shells.

The colors on the rock are good. Yey!


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