I’m a Tourist and I’m OK. (Sing to I’m A Lumber Jack)

Charleston offers a “Be a Tourist in Your Own Town” pass in January.  Today we began to be tourists.  Of course it didn’t break 45 degrees today.  Now, Theresa no laughing at us.  We aren’t used to being this cold – and it is going to get colder.  We did inside stuff today.

Stop 1:  The Children’s Museum – our excellent museum is for children.  The boys are not children.  We discovered this today when they were hurling golf balls down the “hill” track.  Sigh.

Stop 2:  The Charleston Museum – Not much changes in the nation’s oldest museum.  The boys did spot a few critters we’ve looked at – tube worms, Spanish lobsters, a nudibranch (AV wanted to scream with delight but the teenager in him wouldn’t allow it.), glass sponges, corals, and anemones.  To their delight, the German beheading sword, bone saws and bleeders, a giant crocodile’s bones, and bone marrow spoons were all in their places.

We only have 48 more places to visit in January!   Off we go!


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One response to “I’m a Tourist and I’m OK. (Sing to I’m A Lumber Jack)

  1. Danielle

    Tourist for a month sounds great! And my own little kiddos have recently discovered the wonder of the Charleston Museum as well. Fortunately, they have not discovered the fun in “hurling” golf balls yet, though with Nicholas I’m sure that’s not far behind. Have fun on your adventures! OH…and check out the museum of communications through C of C. It’s awesome! I think JV would love it. Enjoy!

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