Hold your hat on – we are on to 2nd semester

We’ve been enjoying being very introverted this break.  Sorry no news here is restful news.

The boys received a saltwater tank for Christmas. They are very

The tank before the sand settled

studious as to the proper chemical balances and water levels.  They’ve used some of their Christmas gift monies to buy rocks and two hermit crabs.

They have already picked out the tube worms, nudibranches, scallops, anemones and muscles they want.  The Age of Aquarium store is really helpful.  They guys there know their stuff and can handle all the questions the boys can throw at them.

We are working on Arthropoda for the next two weeks.  The guys are deeply into

The painted ones are Triangle box 1 the whites are Hexagon box 1

geometry.  We are working with equivalence of shape and ratio of shape.  I love Montessori materials because the work that they began in Casa is used now not as a puzzle but explaining the mathematical formulas for area.

The boys looked at triangle relationships yesterday and hexagons today.  They had fun with the 720 to 360 degree ratio and the 30 degree to 120 degree relationship.

AV - Internal Parts of the Blue Crab - prelabeled

In arthropoda, we’ve been moseying along. The guys have envisioned projects that are big and time consuming.  All together now – “I’ll need help.” Andrew is in a single handed fight against using clades to classify animals.  Josiah is

JV's extinct sea scorpion (look closely)

painting his own taxonomical chart – he has his two extinct Sub-Phyla drawn onto stubby branches.  BR has discussed the “brain” of the lobster.  I think he just likes saying Ganglia.  Maybe he will post it

Initial sketches of Bobby the Blue Crab

tomorrow. He has begun a Beatrix Potter style kiddy book.  His main character Bobby the Blue Crab.  JV has decided on Sid the Shrimp and AV’s character is Andy the Unwanted Amphipod.

JV and AV working today


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