BR – How to make fused glass

In our discovery of different writing styles, BR has begun creating directions.

How to Make
A Five Inch Sushi Plate in Fused Glass.

Step 1

First make a drawing to scale of what you are going to make.
It is ok to make it on your butcher paper work surface.

Step 2

BR choosing the “unhappy crocodile”
BR – shop safety first!

Then get your tools:
glass cutter,
glass nippers,
glass pliers, and
safety glasses.

Step 3
Select a piece of large glass the color you would like for a background –
like a canvas.
Ask the staff to cut it into a five inch by five inch square.

BR choosing brown glass

Step 4

Then you can get started by picking your glass.
It must be a special glass designed to melt at high temperatures but not shatter.
You should begin by looking in the scrap boxes for the colors your want.
If you can not find the colors there, the go look where the large sheets of glass are kept.

Step 5
You can use regular glass or frit which is crushed glass.
It comes in several sizes. Everything from powder to candy sized shapes.
Almost any color glass sheets can be found in frit form.

BR scoring glass

Step 6
You cut the glass to the shape you want it.
You use the glass cutter for larger cuts.
It scores a line in the glass.
The glass will break at the line of least resistance.

You can’t cut out a shape –  only lines – straight or curved.
If your line is too short, the glass will shatter.
Once the glass is scored, you use the “unhappy crocodiles” to pop the glass apart.

BR’s squid legs with nippers

Step 7

Now that you have your basic pieces.
It is time BR using the grinder to "sand" the edges of the mantleto shape them.
Taking the nippers hold the glass – carefully – and pinch with the nippers to remove tiny pieces of glass.
If your piece needs smooth edges, prepare and uses the grinder to “sand” down the edges of the piece.

Seeing how the pieces fitStep 8
Then lay the pieces of glass on your “canvas” and see if it works.

come on need the glass cleanerStep 9
Clean your glass with glass cleaner so there will be no fingerprints on your piece once it is fired and removed from the kiln.

tiny drops of glueStep 10
Then carefully glue the glass pieces to the “canvas” so nothing falls off in the kiln.
It doesn’t take much glue.  Just a tiny dot.
If you put too much glue and it gushes out, use the glass cleaner and a q-tip to remove it.

Step 11
Last put your frit on the piece being careful not to shake it.
The frit will spread out more than the glass sheets in the kiln.

Step 12
Put your glass piece on a clear under “canvas” to provide more thickness.

Step 13
Ever so carefully, carry your piece to the kiln tray to be placed in the kiln.

BR cleaning up his workStep 14
Clean up you work area.
Sweep your glass shards into a pile to be taken to be reused as frit.


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