Book Review by BR

Note: We are paying additional attention to grammar during Advent.  This exercise in writing an opinion piece. In our revision we replaced or added “$10” adjectives in every sentence.  The Montessori symbol for an adjective is a blue triangle (articles are counted differently with light blue triangles), so I have highlighted the adjectives with a blue type.

I was interesting that the boys all assumed that Phyllis Perry is a male.  They were rather shocked to find out that she is a woman.

Ocean Animals is a book written by Phyllis Perry, a children’s book author. It has splendid writing and illustrations.  It is a brilliant book because the main character is a marine biologist brought to Australia by the Great Barrier Reef.  He goes on grand adventures that lead to facts.  This book has plenty of researched science and entertaining fiction. The science is presented in engaging ways.


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  1. Very descriptive! It really makes me want to go get that book. Off to see if my library has it.

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