The trip is more important that getting there

How Montessori is my husband? Very.  He announced that he wanted to take back roads from Charleston to Greenville. Process is as important as the result – very Montessori.

Green for up and orange for back

Basically the length of our state – coast to mountains is split in two by highway 26.  It is a straight shot from Charleston through Columbia (Hi – ya’ll) to greater Greenville.

The decision we made after consulting the map (printed in 1994 – more on this later) was to go south of 26 on the way up and north of 26 on the way back.  And off we go.  Our basic goal was to try not to see a WalMart or McDonalds.  We went for the little black lines on the map.

Things we learned.

1.  There is quite a bit of our state that is very rural.

2. The small towns to the south of 26 are wealthier than the rural areas to the north of 26.  The poverty there was difficult to comprehend.  It reminded me a bit of the shots of Appalachia in the 1960’s.

3. Get a new map for the state – remember the 1994 edition from earlier.  Distances and road locations become highly approximate when entering the northern half of the state.  No really.  Roads just were not there and the ones that were there were not marked.  Nothing like driving by the seat of ones pants.  Flexibility is really important.

4.  The kids liked it.  No really really. No we don’t have game boys/DS or DVD players in the car. Nearly doubling our time (6 hours up and 8 hours back) didn’t cause any real dilemmas.  Although they have asked for sunglasses so they can look out the windows more often. We haven’t given them any since they were little because the hated them.  But they were really cute in them then.  Let’s see how they do now.

5.  Huddle Houses are ubiquitous in small town SC.

6. We want to do it again.

7.  Belton has one of three turn of the century water towers still standing in the state.

8.  The northern half of the state has some large National Forests.

9.  Who knew SC had a train museum in Woodruff.

10.  We will do it again focusing on one place to stop.  We will limit stops to less than one hour.

11.  We didn’t feel stressed when we got home.


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