Dr. Ed’s Journal – by AV

I was biology teacher at MIT.  I retired to the US military’s “Life Project”.  I am best known around the lab for being a big fan of the Beetles. My main goal was to test for organization skills between non-man-made life-forms and man-made life-forms, so I decided to use a closed environment for several weeks.  I built a yellow submarine, made from aluminum and titanium. I used heat proof paint for more protection because I didn’t know what they would encounter.  There would be four creatures on my team – two man-made and two non-man-made.

Calin, the Amish garden gnome, is Amish because he belonged to Mrs. Richardson.  He came to life one day when Mrs. Richardson prayed to God one day for a friend, she was very lonely because her husband had died five years earlier. I met Calin on a trip to Pennsylvania three years previously, when I was planing my team out, I remembered him; he was happy to go with us.

My first creation, Resser the leader of the seven elite military plush toy team.  Resser parachuted behind the dangerous mine fields of the North Korean battle grounds. He discovered where the evil dictator’s daughter was and went to China to find her.  There he collected information from the evil military dictator’s daughter by playing imaginary friend with her.

Goo and Betsy are like “q” with “u” and never seen a part.  Betsy was a circus cow who escaped to the wild hills of Kentucky where he was free to run and roam.  There he met Goo who was developed in my secret underground lab, and they became fast friends – best friends at that.  Since Goo was slow, Betsy offered to carry him. That is how Goo ended up on Betsy’s head.

The sub launched off the Florida Keys from a secret location in the Atlantic Ocean. My team’s course brought them around the Horn of Africa, through the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean Sea, and then they made for home. The sub was controlled by an on

board computer that was programed with the route they would take. After a successful test, Calin went back home; Goo and Betsy are determined to make it to California (because “happy cows” are in California), and Resser and I are going back to MIT.


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