Seven Quick Take Friday


TED is a weekly lecture series which is devoted to Ideas Worth Sharing. Pick a topic and search for it. The lectures are not just “techie” or “nerd” oriented. They cover arts, science, culture, business, technology, and education. They are 30 minutes or under (some as short as 5 minutes). Take a mental recharge with TED. The boys want to be a part of their audience for any lecture.


What is with the entrance into the teen years? We endured the hormonal swings of the early 12’s and though, “whew” when AV learned to manage his emotions better. Now as 13 rapidly approaches, AV is mumbling. Mumbling. I feel like I’m getting really old and need a hearing device.

Kids and College Classes

How did you all deal with asking for a home school student to sit in a college class? AV wants more information than I can provide on oceanology, and he needs to see what a normal work load looks like.

Practical and Honest

A local blogger has this amazingly complete site about all thing in home keeping. As the holidays are approaching, it is time for emergency help. Turkey thawing to cleaning the gutters. Her tag is “everything you wished your mama had taught you.”

What is up with college profs?

We have been interested to find that college professors fall in two classes.

1. Welcoming and kind to three middle schoolers, encouraging them to ask questions and explore their topics.

2. Ignoring and aloof to three middle schoolers. We have been going to the Grice Marine Lab’s graduate lectures on Fridays for three months and there is no eye contact made to any of us in any way. I remind you this is Charleston – politeness and false kindness is an art form here. If you don’t hook kids before the age of 14, they aren’t going to be interested in your topic.

Project week!

Every eight weeks the kids go into a frenzy of all project all the time. They pick a topic. Decide what they will complete in one week. We write their goals down. They go for it. The house is trashed over the course of the week and I nearly pull out my hair. The kids push themselves in areas they have never gone. Check out our last project week here, here, and here. The pride in their work is obvious.


Yesterday the boys did an orienteering event. One of the parents explained that in England the day after Christmas often finds the whole family chasing after a cartoon character in a local wild park using a compass and a series of clues. We were not chasing a character, but we really enjoyed the compass work and the attention to the detailed instructions. It wasn’t a race, but we ended up last because, well, in Montessori fashion, we stopped to look at all kinds of stuff.


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