Montessori Math – ahhhhh

JV has been doggedly working through concepts which had been overlooked the past few years.  He has mastered finding Lowest Common Multiples – beginning with the Lower El lessons and has moved into Greatest Common Divisor which transitions from the Lower El work into Upper El work.  Today was one of my favorite lessons in the area.  The Table of Multiples.    Yey!

JV table of multiplesThe Lesson Objective:  Primary – to recognize multiples through patterning in a 1 to 100 grid of numbers.  Secondary – to recognize the geometrical shapes that these repeating patterns create with lines are joined together.

Beginning on the first grid – dot all the numbers that are multiples of two.  The second grid needs to have all the multiples of three dotted.  JV Table of Multiples 2Continue through to ten.

Using a ruler connect the numbers on the diagonal, if possible – two and five make rectangles and ten a straight line.

The angles of the parallelograms of the even numbers stay the same but the scale changes.  The angles of the odd numbers do not all follow a uniform pattern.  (In a later lesson the angles of these parallelograms will be studied.)

This transitional lesson is designed to prove to the child that he may not know all the multiples for a number, but he can “check” himself by knowing the repeating pattern (or being able to figure it out) that multiples make.  This work leads to the second presentation of “Table C” (the first coming at around age 9) designed to teach factors of number 1- 50.


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