The Coastal Carolina Fair meets Nubes

As you can see from my title, I have learned a new gaming term. Nubes meaning a person new to an event worthy of ganging up on and killing in a video game.  Ahh the husband and the pre-teen boy world.

So anyway, BR’s family insisted we go to the fair.  Kicking and screaming (internally) we loaded up their van with apprehension and drove through the late afternoon light to the fair grounds in Ladson.  The neatest thing on the way was the used western wear store.  In the south?  Really?  Who knew?

“Gate two.  Must remember Gate two” was my first mantra of the evening. (Later ones included: “Don’t eat the greasy food!” then: “You shouldn’t have eaten the greasy food.”  Followed soon after by: “Don’t hurl; it will hit you in the face. Breathe slowly.”

Then began the assault on mind and ears (although the assault on the nose by the elephants and camels was pretty distracting).  The kids kept muttering that somebody was going to have a seizure.

We did math; we debated; we bought tickets.  The ticket booth told us to expect to pay between two and five tickets per ride.  We never did find a two ticket ride.  You guessed it – five tickets. We regrouped and went back to the stand, and the lady was good enough to take the tickets back so we could get the hand stamp for unlimited rides.  OK, now to the Ferris wheel.  BR’s mom gave a quick history lesson the the origins of the Ferris wheel while we waited.

JV LOVED!  LOVED!  bumper cars.  They were horrified at the sight of the sparks coming off the pole on the bumper cars.  “Fire hazard!” declared AV.  “You look like Zack Ephron but older,” declared a girl in front of our group to AV.  He stared.  BR and his brother had to explain who that was to our un-Disney initiated family. Then came our turn to smash into each other at low speed.

After a few fun houses, we settled into the AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! WHOOOOOOOOO! rides. (Try saying that with your arms raised.)   Tilt-A-Whirl (or Hurl-A-Tilt), the Zipper, the swings, the Fire Ball (AV’s Favorite.) and a bunch of those circle/centripetal force ride followed in rapid succession.

We drug ourselves to the ski-lift at 10:30 and rode to the other end of the park and “Gate two” appeared magically.  We got home at an obscenely late hour for regular school kids.  But hey.  We don’t care anymore.  YEY!



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One response to “The Coastal Carolina Fair meets Nubes

  1. I thought of your family on Thursday and Friday as I met Rudy Mancke (USC professor, and NatureSCene host). This man was astounding to spend time with. I went on a beach walk with a bunch of other teachers and he just had us mesmerized. So if you ever get the chance to hear him somewhere TAKE THE BOYS. I”m taking my girls to hear him at the Congaree Swamp on Nov. 22, but he’ll be talking about the man who led the conservation effort for the Swamp. As teachers we were just amazed at the level of information he knows about EVERYTHING – plants, animals, insects, shells, trees, anything in the natural world. Very inspiring.

    Glad you enjoyed the fair. Kelly

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