7-QT – Food “Rule” and Medical Names


Although we are not sadists with the RULE (we eat out and occasionally eat fast food), over the past few years we have created our expectations of food purchases.  They are listed in order of their creation.

Eat well.

Why:  Food is more than fuel.  It is a family event.  Cooking from scratch teaches valuable life skills:  planning, patience, and perseverance.  Not to mention gratefulness, willingness to try new tastes, and independence.

Basic ingredients make up most dishes.
Keep those ingredients on hand and make food yourself.

Why:  Packaged foods have lots of salts (both table and MSG), sugars, and other stuff. Sugar is found in the darnedest places. Our working theory is you can use poorer quality ingredients and less of them if you add more sugar. We found that recipes from my pre-depression era grand mother used smaller amounts of sugar in sweet things, and I couldn’t find them at all in things like tomato sauces. Speaking of sugar, high fructose corn syrup is not good for you.  So – you guessed it – avoid it.  We were surprised where we found it.

Eat more local veggies.

Why:  Because they are good for you. OK.  I’ll admit I’m a veggie snob.  I grew up on a farm, and the idea of a tomato in the refrigerator is revolting. We’ve gradually made the way to a local organic CSA because, I wasn’t eating enough veggies, and since I wasn’t being motivated to eat those veggies and I’m the meal planner, no one was eating veggies.

Buy organic when able.

Why:  We have two pre-teen boys – do we really need more hormones in our lives.  I grew up on a farm.  I understand the realities of invasive fungi, bacteria, viruses, worms, and insects.  But much of the meat and veggies I grew up on were relatively pesticide, hormone, and over fertilizer free.  I’m good with relative.  I’m not good with laden.

21 Meals For $100 or Less Per Week.

Why:  Because that is what we have to budget for food.

SIX (and now for something completely different)
TV product name morphology.

AV, the 12 year-old, announced last night that medicine names are morphing into car names and car names are moving into make-up names and make-up names are moving to medicine names in a whirling circle of dramatic words and lights on the TV.

For example:   One could never pick Amoxicillin as a brand of Ford or Toyota.  But now our consumer driven drug ads have focus group picked names like: Valturna, Hiberix, or Embeda.

Five years ago you might have driven an Aquix, Carita, or Varisi but now you smear them on you eyes.  And if you don’t think these names can’t be medicine names, sign up for a focus group at Biotech Brand – Branding Institute.

He’s got a point you know.

Two Boys – One Husband – Great Read

The Art of Manilness. The way you remember men behaving, knowing, doing (or at least have heard that men used to behave, know, or do).



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2 responses to “7-QT – Food “Rule” and Medical Names

  1. Grandma Vice

    I’m so glad to see #3, you moving into the veggie world! : ) Try not to deep-fry to many of them ! LOL

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