How deep is the Rabbit Hole?

I really do wonder what that means.  When ever the beagles have cornered a rabbit, the hole is rather shallow or it is in an old tree’s rotted roots. Certainly it is not deep enough for Alice.  Oh well.  The analogy is understood.

JV has been down the oft mentioned hole for so long that his skin is turning the subtle green shade that Victorian painters used to denote wealth and power in women of a certain class.

Today my box of vintage University of Maryland chemistry straws and pins came down from the room.  He was building the compounds found in a lipid – he started with cholesterol.  I asked what that had to do with cell walls (his LAST illustrative paragraph.)  “Mom, see right here in the book.  It is on the same page as cell walls.”   OOkkkkkky.

AV was waiting for glue to dry and that is about like waiting for water to boil.  He created this model of a virus. The came the discussion of living or non-living.  We ain’t in Casa any more.  Replication, RNA, DNA, modality, etc. were being thrown around until non-living was decided upon.  Good ’cause I didn’t want to weigh in.

I was really concentrating on my journal page of parts of the platyhelminthes (and I digressed to the life cycle of the liver fluke). Very complex – it makes the corals look like armatures.

AV figured out another possibility for his pop-up page.  Agggggggg. Can’t we be done with this book?


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