Back to the Mines

floorAfter two weeks of learning demolition skills, carpentry skills (AV really appreciated this), welding/plumbing skills (JV really appreciated this), and grouting tile skills – no body really liked this much at all, we are back to the books – or not as the case may be.

One last look at the consumer of our time and mental energy. (The all white tile is the area under the toilet.)  The green is less olive and more apple. We are now on hold as we save more to do the walls.

Today we began sea worms in earnest.  Wow! Cool!  JV and I began working on our journal pages by water coloring the parts of a platyhelmenthes and defining the parts for this phylum.  AV is on his final page of his journal project.  The math in AVJVpop-up pages is daunting.

Everyone took a break as DV emailed a “how DNA replicates” movie which led for a search of cell walls and osmosis.  JV is still deeply fascinated and digging through three college texts for information on his never ending plant cell project.


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