The ultimate word problems

Today has been mainly construction.  We did a bit of project work this morning, but we didn’t stay too long.  Just until Mr. V got back from Lowe’s with more supplies.

JV worked on his never ending cell project    and  AV is working on his journal. This page is quilted.  We are moving through the continental shelf area.

Afterwards it was all math and science word problems.  I realized that the construction project was designed to be just one huge math problem.  How many pieces of 2x4x8 do we need?  Or do we need 2x4x10?  How far apart do the firing strips sit?  What is the area of each of the walls for tile and paint? It goes on and on.


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One response to “The ultimate word problems

  1. Grandma Vice

    I’m loving all the pictures and the up dates on the progress of the remodeling!!

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