And the rest of our lives

My father-in-law has arrived; and not a minute too soon.  We had an unfortunate moment involving old copper piping that had rendered us waterless for three days.  His expertness was just a bonus.  He came to advise on our continued renovation of the house.

We joke that, since we don’t have a farm from which the boys can acquire a strong work ethic and life skills, a home renovation project is just as good.  We are renovating on the 10 year plan. We affectionately refer to the house as “The House that Keeps on Giving” due to all the unexpected and often frustrating moments we have in renovation here.

This 6 months it is the master bath. (We started with the master bedroom and bath because we figured if we messed up then fewer people would see it.)

So, instead of the taking up the harvest break from school, we are having the renovation break from school.  We are managing to get little sputters of class work done but mainly we are working on practical physics, chemistry, geometry, and biology.

Tuesday was DEMO day.

We removed the walls of the bathroom to double the size by incorporating a hall that will vanish as we open up another room as a part of the “mother-in-law” suite in the next round.  If my mom needs to move in, we need to make the tiny 5 by 8 bath into one that can be used by an elderly person.

So what gifts did the house provide?

1.  Strange electrical configurations – this is my day today to figure out what it is doing and how to make it better.

2. Copper pipe in concrete –  you can not place copper pipe directly into concrete.  It will eat through the copper pipe and cause a tiny, tiny leak that you can’t find easily.  Initially we thought it would be a moment for jack hammering.  But there was a hole in the floor that lead down under the concrete foundation (why? – no telling). We think we can cap the old pipes off, move the new up through the hole and run the plumbing through the walls.

Pictures of our school day yesterday.



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2 responses to “And the rest of our lives

  1. Grandma Vice

    Looks like progress is being made! thanks for the pictures, keep them coming.

  2. Our house is like that….. we bought it for the bones, but the junkie parts are really starting to show.

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