Charleston’s and Osceola – Lecture

powdermagazineToday we went to the Old Powder Magazine. It is the oldest public building in the State. The curvilinear triangle interior walls arch into Roman groins.  The “attic” is loaded with sand from the early 1600’s.

They are offering luncheon lectures by local historians into the cokervarious aspects of Charleston. It seems to be “continuing education” for the local tour guides. Today Michael Coker provided insight on a few little-known tragic, heroic, and bizarre facts about the inhabitants of Charleston.

We listened with rapt attention to discussions of Osceola’s capture in the Second Seminole War and time spent at Fort Moultrie.  We listened to journal entries from the time of city residents taking day trips to Sullivan’s Island to hang out with these political/war prisoners. We were shocked to hear of his preventable death and then the removal of his head and its preservation by the camp doctor!  He later threatened his children with the head when they would not go to bed on time.

This was our favorite tale.


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One response to “Charleston’s and Osceola – Lecture

  1. GeoPatagonia

    Its is certain “continuing education” for the local tour guides.

    As a tour guide, it looks you had a good time, learnt about something new, and beeing able to share it with others.Great!!!

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