On to the Cnidaria (with a little Pythagorean board thrown in)

jellyfishWe’ve reluctantly left the study of the poriferia and moved on to the cnidarians.

AV spent the morning reading the chapter in our “text” AV-jellyfishbook and then creating a paragraph about the external parts and its characteristics as a living creature.

AV was interested to discover the wide variety of cnidarians.  The hydra, corals, anemones, colonial jellyfish, and the gabillion regular jellyfish.

JV-drawingJV was mesmerized by the idea of creating a bigger Pythagoras board for the extended fraction work he is doing.  He is making one that goes up to 18.  JV-finalThe better part of the morning was spent calculating, patterning, and figuring out other ways to do the math.  The afternoon was spent creating his paragraph and water coloring his illustrations. Dad has snagged it to take to work.  He will need to rework the paragraph before it goes on line.

Here is where he got some of his initial ideas.



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2 responses to “On to the Cnidaria (with a little Pythagorean board thrown in)

  1. lapazfarm

    Wow! You guys are just moving right along, aren’t you? I guess I had better get some more lesson plans up, eh?

  2. Grandma Vice

    Josiah water colors are really good!!

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