AV’s first sonnet

lollypopsI like lollipops. My dentist does not.
He tries to give me them sugar-free.
I plea and I plea, “No!” but I got
tasteless sugar-free.  O dread I,  I flee.

I know what I like.  And I like what I know.
Not gum balls, nor kisses, nor Turkish delight.
I will throw a fit and not sit to show
my displeasure.  So look and see the light.

You prod and you poke and say, “Oh
me. Oh my. You must stop the lollipops.”
And I reply, “I shall never let go
of my pops of my sugary, sugary lollipops!”

Then my dentist said, “Oh well,” and walked away
to his next room waiting for another day.


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Filed under Art, AV, Classroom, Writing

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