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And to top it all off – we made butter.

AV, BR, JV butterAs if we didn’t have enough kitchen-based work, we made butter this afternoon.  Which involves an old spaghetti jar, heavy whipping cream, and, in this case, a 15 minute discussion of Nerf guns and bullets.

“Wow” and “Nice” follow a particularly artful roll of the jar.

The taste of the butter is so much better and the cost is cheaper.  But, it is hard to remember to make it sometimes.

AV won the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” match to beat the butter in Great-grandmam’s butter bowl.


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Something has to be done with the apples

Ok – so when my father-in-law was down he brought apples from NC with him.  I kept saying, “I need to do something with the apples.”  Today I finally got around to it.  How many days can you put off using fruit before it is too late?  Not 14 days is the answer.  We’ve been making applesauce in between more traditional work.

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AV’s final page begins in earnest

AV's mini paper guyThe journal is grinding its way to completion. We’ve dissected the Art Journal we were provided.  Gutting the pages, we have left just the hull of the book. AV created a submarine blueprint page for his inside front and back pages.

Now, we are on the last page which is a pop-up page.  Yesterday afternoon, we went on a grand hunt for paper to create the guys and their world.  The plan is really cool. After days of experimentation with various pop-up techniques and a visit to Barnes and Noble to see the most excellent pop-up books, we have finally settled on a design.

Trial and error have helped us weave and cow

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How deep is the Rabbit Hole?

I really do wonder what that means.  When ever the beagles have cornered a rabbit, the hole is rather shallow or it is in an old tree’s rotted roots. Certainly it is not deep enough for Alice.  Oh well.  The analogy is understood.

JV has been down the oft mentioned hole for so long that his skin is turning the subtle green shade that Victorian painters used to denote wealth and power in women of a certain class.

Today my box of vintage University of Maryland chemistry straws and pins came down from the room.  He was building the compounds found in a lipid – he started with cholesterol.  I asked what that had to do with cell walls (his LAST illustrative paragraph.)  “Mom, see right here in the book.  It is on the same page as cell walls.”   OOkkkkkky.

AV was waiting for glue to dry and that is about like waiting for water to boil.  He created this model of a virus. The came the discussion of living or non-living.  We ain’t in Casa any more.  Replication, RNA, DNA, modality, etc. were being thrown around until non-living was decided upon.  Good ’cause I didn’t want to weigh in.

I was really concentrating on my journal page of parts of the platyhelminthes (and I digressed to the life cycle of the liver fluke). Very complex – it makes the corals look like armatures.

AV figured out another possibility for his pop-up page.  Agggggggg. Can’t we be done with this book?

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Back to the Mines

floorAfter two weeks of learning demolition skills, carpentry skills (AV really appreciated this), welding/plumbing skills (JV really appreciated this), and grouting tile skills – no body really liked this much at all, we are back to the books – or not as the case may be.

One last look at the consumer of our time and mental energy. (The all white tile is the area under the toilet.)  The green is less olive and more apple. We are now on hold as we save more to do the walls.

Today we began sea worms in earnest.  Wow! Cool!  JV and I began working on our journal pages by water coloring the parts of a platyhelmenthes and defining the parts for this phylum.  AV is on his final page of his journal project.  The math in AVJVpop-up pages is daunting.

Everyone took a break as DV emailed a “how DNA replicates” movie which led for a search of cell walls and osmosis.  JV is still deeply fascinated and digging through three college texts for information on his never ending plant cell project.

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Update on the bathroom

You HAVE to wait 24 hours (really you do – or you’ll have to wait another 24 hours) before you can step on the tiling the floor step 1 of 2.

Basically all the black lines will be white by this time tomorrow.

Basically all the black lines will be white by this time tomorrow.

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If it’s Friday, it might be glass.

Today we spent the morning working on projects.  This week we have completed extremely little in Oceanography.  The boys did manage to read the assigned chapter and make a choice about their worm to create in glass.

I did manage to remember the camera – picture my Mother-in-law giving me major pat on back.

Here are the boys and their friend MMcC working on their glass projects.

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