And it is back to Casa

This week is split between Porifera and ocean geography.

AV is tackling the sponges and surprisingly they are not all soft. Ha. Ha.   Yesterday was research and today is 3 part cards.


Here is AV’s short paragraph about sponges.

Porifera, Our Filter Feeding Friends

As the name suggests, they are filter feeders. They filter via sucking in water through tiny holes in their “skin”.  The osculum is the hole in which the water enters the sponge.

Once the water is circulated  through the osculum, it enters the sponge’s main cavity, the spongacil, to get spit back out thus repeating the process.

Today he has created a classic three part card series of six parts of the sponge so the guys can quiz each other.


JV is working on a puzzle map. He is pin pushing the outline of the continents. (It has been a bit of a challenge without the puzzle map to go by.) He then is cutting them out with the nail scissors.  He is planning on gluing them onto a large sheet of blue foam mounted to a cork board which is serving as his oceans. His goal is a pin map (the work he most misses from his old school) of ocean geographical features.

He got his idea from a walk through of a discussion based on public school teaching materials found on this site:

Usually we only use college materials as we find the “age appropriate” materials too simplified.  However, this was not the case for this lesson.

So a day of three part cards and map work.  How 3 to 6.



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2 responses to “And it is back to Casa

  1. Grandma Vice

    When I helped in the Kindergarten class, pin pushing is the one thing i would have love to have done a project in myself! From what I can tell about Josiah’s map it’s looking really good!!! Save it I want to see it next time I’m down. Andrew’s sponge research sounds very interesting, good job Andrew!!

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