Our new favorite Quote

We went to hear a speaker about deep sea corals.  He is out with H1N1.  Oh well.  We heard a guy discussing algae eating krill-like creatures and the toxic intake from the algae into the creatures which they can “detox” from by eating other algae until the toxic wears off. It was a lot of  “consuming calories” instead of “eating” talk.

The grad students were interesting and their information was also for the most part in science talk which limited our interaction with their information.  The great exception was the study of beach “re-nourishment” sand type and the effect it has on a specific type (most common in SC) of bivalve.  If the sand is too “shelly” or to “powdery” the bivalve has a hard time burrowing.  She was great.

We also got to see Dr. Wiseman again.  He is our C of C professor of algae.  We were all excited to see him.  He had an invasive crab he had caught in the Breech Inlet.  He said ballast water is dumped when the ships load up at the port. The crab hitch-hiked from somewhere to here.

Anyway. Beside finding out about the amount of “poo poo” an 80 year old man will produce in his life (400 metric tons) – Dr. Wiseman in the q and a session of the talk – yes it was tangentially relevant, we enjoyed the presenter’s quote:

Seaweeds are not wet trees and marine mesograzers aren’t just soggy insects. (Hay and Steinburt, 1992)


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